Consciousness shift

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Consciousness shift

A consciousness shift comes when we are able to realize that there are 1) thinking, sensing and perceiving and 2) the consciousness of those experiences. For this attempt at an explanation, I will artificially separate them.

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Inner life

An escape from mindlessness – part 2 An escape from mindlessness – part 2

Pain took up residence in my heart, and it was loud. It was flamboyant and entitled. And I, on the sucker’s side of spiritual transformation, stood by like an awkward wallflower.

An escape from mindlessness – part 1 An escape from mindlessness – part 1

Identified with regret and anxiety, the present moment literally went away. This is the beginning of how I woke up from the long slumber of conscious unconsciousness.


Freedom Fighter – Scott Camil Freedom Fighter – Scott Camil

Scott Camil lay bleeding on a Gainesville Street. He was telling someone his blood-type while a man who’d just shot him in the back identified himself as an officer of the law.


Dad’s Rolex: It’s just a watch. No big deal. Dad’s Rolex: It’s just a watch. No big deal.

The idea my father drove home to me, over and over, is that life doesn’t promise you anything. Not a watch. Not a job. Not a wife. Not an ancestral plot of land. Life, just, is. Nothing more. It’s not depressive, it’s just the way it is. Your task is to make the best of your lot.

Good Dad Project

Preview of Courthouse Campbell video Preview of Courthouse Campbell video

A pre-production-grade preview of my video of Campbell and me poking around at Big Creek a few summers ago. I wanted to teach him about his great grandfather, David Rhea III, or “The Judge” as everyone called him. This project will ultimately be a 30-minute doc about the family, combining several smaller video projects.