Knife pioneer Blackie Collins dies in motorcycle accident

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Dave Rhea and Blackie Collins at the 2008 Blade show in Atlanta, Georgia.

It is a sad, day for the knife world. Knife maker, pioneer, inventor and all-around great guy Blackie Collins died today in a motorcycle accident.

Mike Manrose, vice president of the company that has long championed Blackie’s inventions and designs, Meyerco, sent out an an email today announcing the unfortunate demise of this great icon of the knife world.:

It is what a heavy heart that I write to tell you that Blackie Collins passed away today around noon Eastern time.

He was killed in a motorcycle accident. Jane was riding also but was not involved in the accident. She has asked that we keep her in our prayers during this very difficult time.

Please pass this along as I do not have everyone’s address. Blackie knew everyone in the knife industry and if I am forgetting someone, I apologize in advance. We are very saddened at the loss of an industry icon, a prolific designer and most of all, a friend.

I will keep you posted when we have details for services.

Mike Manrose

I have had the esteemed pleasure of talking to Blackie many times over the years while writing for Blade Magazine. It is a sad day for me, as I am sure it is a sad day for a lot of other knife nuts across the world.

God bless and prayers go out to Blackie’s family.

If you want to leave comments here, I will make sure to forward them on to Mike at Meyerco.


Here’s some links I pulled up about Blackie and his legacy.

Blackie’s site, featuring his CCW jeans, “Toters.”

A great story about Blackie in



Steven Van Dyke Reply by Steven Van Dyke on Thursday

So sorry to hear the news!

Makes me extra glad I got to talk to him again at BLADE this year.

Philip d livolsi Reply by Philip d livolsi on Saturday
Blackie Collins was a dear friend and mentor! I will miss him terribly . He has contributions to the industry will live forever and his wisdom and passion will carry on in my  mind and soul .  He was a good friend and gave me a chance when no else would and for that he will be loved and missed until I depart this earth. If his fans could only understand how much he appreciated them and always looked forward to signing a knife or shaking a hand . He was always grateful and thankful for imput on designs from his fans and never turned down a chance to have a conversation with one of them as well. I will miss you blackie and thank you for everything you ever did for me! This is a huge loss for the knife world and I doubt we will ever see one man do so much again for this industry!
Henry Molinet Reply by Henry Molinet 3 hours ago
As an admirer of Blackie’s work for over 20 years and a fellow bike rider, it was a privilege to have had the opporuniy to meet him and chat with him during the last couple of years at the Blade show. Blackie leaves a remarkable legacy as a creative force in the knife industry, and will be missed not only for his work, but for his exciting personality.
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4 Comments to “Knife pioneer Blackie Collins dies in motorcycle accident”

  1. Jerry Lameka says:

    RIP Blackie and prayers offered for his loved ones. He was a GREAT American !!!!

  2. Jamie Yolkowskie says:

    My deepest condolences to Mrs.Collins and all those with heavy hearts that Mr.Collins so positively affected throughout his life.
    Godspeed Blackie,
    smoke rising from Canada,

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